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Monday, February 3, 2014

A Gluten Free Environment: Gus's Cafe

Greek Village Salad
 I recently wandered into a taste free gluten free restaurant called Gus's Cafe. I'm no stranger to gluten free, vegetarian or even vegan food for that matter, but this was off the mark. We started with fried pickles that seemed a bit "doughy." We followed up with Pakora, a South Indian fritter. These were tasty, although I wish the sauces that accompanied the dish were a bit more amped up. Cohort ordered a Thai soup that had little spice, if any. It tasted as if it were nothing more than chicken broth. I ordered the best dish of the evening, the Greek Village Salad. It had plump tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, onions, feta and Greek olives. (With the pits, so be careful!) It had a vinegar and olive oil drizzle with fresh herbs and spices. A small win. I think if you're going to have Thai, Indian and Greek dishes on the menu (gluten free or not) they better have the taste, flavor and spice to back it up! Most of these dishes fell flat. They do have a decent beer selection, most have gluten in them.....soooooo.... Anyway, Cohort and I left feeling more than unsatisfied. I guess if you have to eat gluten free and you want to eat out, this may be for you.

PROS: A new spot with loads of gluten free options.
CONS: Gluten free shouldn't mean flavor free. Cash only. Whose idea was it to start putting chalkboard walls inside of restaurants to write the menu on?

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