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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sweets In The Strip: Peace, Love & Little Donuts

The weather was gorgeous on Saturday! For me that means one thing, The Strip District. I've always loved walking the Strip District on a Saturday afternoon. There's something about the fanfare and liveliness that has always appealed to me. I headed down to stock up on Steeler gear. You can find just about anything down there. And I do mean anything! You can spend the entire day just eating up and down The Strip. Between the street vendors and restaurants, your options are endless.
Peace, Love and Little Donuts

This Saturday was no different. After a full day of shopping, I was headed to the car when I saw it. A large sign on the corner. It had bold funkadelic colors and an arrow pointing down the street. It read; "Peace, Love & Little Donuts." WHAAAAAT? Game on! I walked in the direction of the arrow like a zombie. I started to smell the sweet cakes in the air as I got closer. I arrived on Smallman in front of a tiny glass door jammed pack with patrons. I opened the door and the smell consumed me. I stood in line and watched the donuts being made. It's a good thing they have a sheet of plexiglass between customers and the donut maker! I pressed my forehead against the glass like a small child while I waited my turn. I ordered a half dozen of the small heavenly circles. They came in many, many flavors. Apple pie, maple bacon, oreo and even salted chocolate! Just to name a few. After you're served, you're funneled right through the exit door. (No room for tables or chairs inside.) They had a few "standing" tables outside, but no need. These donuts are small (2 or 3 bites.) and they are full of flavor. There is something charming and fun about the small size. My favorite was the raspberry lemonade. A lemonade flavored frosting with a raspberry drizzle. They crank these things out nonstop til closing, so they were still warm when I got them. They didn't last long, but I savored every bite! Even licking the frosting from my fingers. The perfect ending to a day on The Strip!

PROS: Bite size. Hot and fresh. Fast, friendly service.
CONS: I don't know if you can experience a "Con" while eating a good donut!
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