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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Accidental Valentine: Roland's Trattoria

Let me start by apologizing for the late review. I've gotten backblogged! I'm hoping to get caught up over the next few days.
Wyit Sprowls Bridge

 My Valentine's Day was an amazing accident. Cohort and I decided on a driving tour of covered bridges in Washington County. With the snow storm that came through it looked like a scene straight from a movie. It was beautiful...until we got stuck in the a toy rental car....on an unmarked road. We tried everything to get free, but the toy car would not budge. Cohort bundled up and walked to the nearest house. He returned with a local man, a large truck and a dog named Sam. After a quick tow, we joined him in his workshop to warm up, have a beer and then we hit the road. I've traveled the world and can attest that you just can't beat Pennsylvania hospitality! We decided to forgo the rest of the covered bridge tour and head home. Cohort spotted a place to pull over for a rest stop and a quick drink. Roland's Trattoria. A family owned neighborhood restaurant in Washington, Pa. The dining area was crowded with Valentine's Day reservations, but we snagged 2 seats at the bar. The staff was extremely friendly, even with the holiday rush. We ordered drinks and reviewed the special Valentine menu. Cohort ordered the Veal Oscar while I ordered the Scallops with asparagus. The scallops were topped with roasted tomatoes, wrapped in prosciutto and also covered in bearnaise.
Scallops and Asparagus

Cohort noted this is probably the kind of Italian family restaurant that has a kick ass lasagna! I'm sure he's probably right, but they didn't offer it on their Valentine menu. A tinge of disappointment. And then it happened. DESSERT. To be honest with you I was a bit full, but Cohort had already spotted the dessert case. It was all downhill from there. We tried the Tiramisu and the Italian Cream Pie. Oh my god, that pie. I've had Italian Cream Cake before, but this was on another level! Perfect crust filled with a creamy, thick custard submerged with sour cherries, sprinkled with powdered sugar. I would drive from Pittsburgh, Pa all the way to Washington, Pa just for a slice of that pie. Maybe you should do the same!

PROS: I love a good, old school, family owned restaurant! Their Facebook page has daily specials listed.
CONS: They only had the special Valentine's Day menu, so choices were limited. 
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  1. You should taste their Prime Rib - only on Saturday Nights - AMAZING!!! We drive there from Bethel Park all the time - we love this place!!!

  2. It does not matter what you order you will never be disappointed. I went to school with a member of the family that owns this establishment and the family is as great as the food!!!

    1. We do plan on returning so that we can enjoy their everyday menu.....and to have more pie!!