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Sunday, March 16, 2014

An Oldie But Lots of Goodies: Max's Allegheny Tavern

Located in the North Side's Deutschtown area, the building that holds Max's Allegheny Tavern has been serving patrons since the 1800's. The present owners purchased the building in 1977 and Max's Allegheny Tavern was born. The bar is a large carved wooden masterpiece. The restored decor represents the grandeur from an older era. Described as "A Fine German Restaurant." I find these words to be an understatement. (A Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious German Restaurant perhaps?)
Jägerschnitzel and Schnitzel ala Holstein
We started with the Bavarian stuffed pretzels, jumbo soft pretzels stuffed with creamy cheddar cheese, deep fried and served with honey mustard sauce. Why would someone deep fry a pretzel? To make it more better, that's why!! If you just stop in for a quick beer, please, I beg of you, order the pretzels. It will make your day. (Maybe even your life!) For my meal I had Jägerschnitzel. Vienna-style veal covered with mushroom sauce served with sweet and sour cabbage and potato pancakes. I enjoy a good piece of veal and this was DEFINITELY a good piece of veal! So tender you could slice through it with a fork. The sweet and sour cabbage is a mix of sliced red cabbage and sliced apples, slowly cooked until tender. The blend of the sweetness with the sour is rather refreshing. Cohort had the Schnitzel ala Holstein. A Vienna-style veal topped with fried egg, anchovy and capers. For sides he settled on kase spätzle (dumplings in a creamy Gouda cheese sauce) and sauerkraut. The beer selection (pils, dunkels und schwarzen) pairs nicely with the German fare and is served in old style mason jars. Towards the end of our meal we spotted our bartender making a large Spanish Coffee for another patron. It was something of a masterpiece! So we decided to take the liquid dessert route. I don't regret a thing. Except for the fact that we ordered one to share and Cohort can get stingy! Prosit!
Spanish Coffee

PROS: Delicious German food, authentic German beer all served in Pittsburgh's Deutschtown!
CONS: I honestly don't have a con. I left feeling full. Is that a con?

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